Statutory Compliance


Statutory Compliance, in HR alludes to the binding of the lawful system that inside of business/organization to adhere in connection with the fair treatment of their employees. Generally, the term means ‘Statute’ and within which we can classify into many forms as part of the law approved by the government to the size of the business and in particular with the receipt of remuneration by the employees.

Payroll Processing

Statutory compliance is an inherent part of payroll processing of every  company/business which by itself seeking to the fair treatment of their employees

Fair Treatment

  • ->Provident Fund
  • ->Employee State Insurance Act (ESI)
  • ->Professional Tax
  • ->Gratuity
  • ->Minimum Wages Act
  • ->Maternity Benefit Act
  • ->Payment of Bonus Act
  • ->Payment of Wages Act
  • ->Income Tax

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